National Park Hohe Tauern Carinthia

National Park Hohe Tauern Carinthia

Interesting facts about the National Park Hohe Tauern

  • With 1,856 km2 area it is the largest protected area in Central Europe
  • Covers the counties of Carinthia, Salzburg, East Tyrol
  • 878 km of hiking trails in Carinthia alone
  • 266 mountain peaks, 551 mountain lakes, approx. 250 glaciers
  • Highest mountain in Austria: Grossglockner 3,798 m

The National Park Hohe Tauern offers a wealth of experiences - several thousand kilometres of well-marked and well-maintained hiking trails, excursions and wildlife observations led by national park rangers and much more.

Nature, animals and plants

With over more than 10,000 animal and plant species - which are observable 365 days per year - the largest protected area of the Eastern Alps lives up to its name in terms of fauna and flora. Over the years evolution, immigration, and displacement have led to a multi-layered animal world feeling at home in the Hohe Tauern. In addition, we find up to a third of all Austrian plant species in the Hohe Tauern.

Experience all this with the diverse ranger program of the Hohe Tauern National Park


  • Tour from Mallnitz into the Seebach Valley – on the trails of the red deer
  • Heiligenblut high mountain hike on the glacier trail “Pasterze”