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Family hike through the Seebach valley near Mallnitz

The king of the air, wildly roaring waterfalls and a crevice from which ice-cold air flows. One thing is clear: you won't hear "How much longer?" on the family hike through the Seebach Valley.

One thing is clear: "How much longer?" is not something you will hear on the family hike through the Seebach Valley. The tour begins at the natural jewel of Lake Stappitz, surrounded by mighty rock faces and the proud peaks of Ankogel, Hochalmspitze and Säuleck. But much more important for the little ones: right at the beginning there is a playground in the middle of nature.

Learning and walking go hand in hand here, because part of the easily accessible hiking trail leads along the Seebachtal nature trail. This offers fascinating insights into the alpine flora and fauna. The lake, for example, is an important resting place for migratory birds. At the Schleier waterfall, you may be lucky enough to see bearded vultures, which have been released into the wild here. Along the trail you can learn more about natural phenomena such as the Stelzwurzler, the "praying forest" or the ice hole.

Tired legs? The hiking trail at the Seebachtal nature trail is only about four kilometres long and takes about two hours. It leads on level paths through wild nature, so that even a pram can be taken along. There are hardly any inclines. At the end of the trail, the Schwussnerhütte invites you to stop for a bite to eat. The Alpine Pearls partner business focuses on regional food, short transport routes and the highest quality. Well fortified, you return to the starting and finishing point, the Ankogelbahn car park. The hiking bus stops here several times a day.